Stats for 1988 W Final (Edberg-Becker)

Moose Malloy

Edberg d Becker 46,76(2),64,62

My stats:

Edberg had 47 non service winners: 6 fh, 14 bh, 14 fhv, 11 bhv, 2 ov
Becker had 31: 3 fh, 8 bh, 9 fhv, 4 bhv, 7 ov

Winners by set:
Edberg - 13,15,11,8
Becker - 8,11,6,6

Edberg was 67 of 118 on 1st serves, or 57%

Becker was 87 of 129, or 67%

Edberg had 2 aces, 6 doubles
Becker had 6 aces, 8 doubles

Edberg had 37 unreturned serves, of which I judged 4 to be service winners
Becker had 38 unreturned serves, of which I judged 7 to be service winners

Edberg had 19 passing shot winners, 11 return winners.
Becker had 12 passing shot winners, 7 return winners.

Edberg was 4 of 10 on break points, Becker was 2 of 4(he had no bp's in the last 2 sets)

Other notes:

The match started at 6:30 pm on Sunday due to rain. It started raining after 5 games, & they resumed the match the following day. They had another rain delay at 5-4 in the 1st. They finally completed the match at 5:11 pm on Monday.

Dick Enberg said it was the 1st Monday final since 1922.

In the last game of the match, Edberg didn't get one 1st serve in, yet still held at 30.

NBC flashed some rather strange stats on Becker throughout the match. They said that Becker had 60 winners in the 2nd set alone, while giving Edberg 18(which was probably correct, including service winners) Even 60 for the match was a ridiculous number, so I guess someone in the truck made a typo or something.

Dick Enberg said at 3-2 in the 3rd that the 2 players had hit 78 winners combined at that point, which of course was way off, presumably they were still adding the incorrect Becker numbers to that.


Great stats Moose, thanks. I clearly remember this match and it was quite a plesent experience being that I favoured Edberg much more at the time, not to speak about excelent tennis. Today I like both of those guys a lot but at the time I was cheering heavily for Edberg. I was not able to watch the Sunday part of the final though.


From the New York Times:

The Breakdown

The box score of Stefan Edberg's victory over Boris Becker yesterday in the men's final at Wimbledon.

Edberg Becker

58% First serve 65%
6 Double faults 8
2 Aces 6
129 Points 118
4 Deuces 9
2 Service games lost 4
Q2 Love games 5
82 Points serving 82


The most striking statistic is that Becker lost a match where he was almost 70 % first serves in! On grass, with that cannonball serve.