Stats for 1992 USO 4th Round (Courier-McEnroe)

Moose Malloy

Courier d McEnroe 6-2, 6-2, 7-6 (7-1)

Courier was 22, Mac 33.

Courier had 37 non service winners: 20 fh, 7 bh, 2 fhv, 1 bhv, 7 ov
Mac had 24: 2 bh, 7 fhv, 7 bhv, 8 ov

Courier had 3 aces, 1 double
Mac had 5 & 8

Courier was 5 of 17 on break points, Mac was 1 of 3

Courier had 4 return winners, Mac none

Courier had 22 unreturned serves, 4 of which I judged service winners
Mac had 14 unreturned serves, 2 of which I judged service winners

according to atptennis, Courier was 57/86 on 1st serves, or 66%
Mac was 66/108, 61%

Stats from CBS

at 2-2 in the 3rd, Courier was 17 of 21 at net. Mac was 36 of 58

at 4-4 in the 3rd these were their stats:

Courier - 37 winners, 10 unforced errors
Mac - 26 winners, 23 unforced errors

This was the last match Mac played in a Grand Slam tournament. This was not without incident, Mac requested a cameraman be removed for changing his film during points, which Tony Trabert thought was absurd.

CBC interviewed the camerman, he claimed he wasn't doing what Mac said he was doing, that it was the guy next to him.


according to atptennis, Courier was 57/86 on 1st serves, or 66%
Mac was 66/108, 61%
I didn't find anything to confirm these stats, but the ATP has Courier winning 89% of points on his first serve, while the St. Petersburg Times has 91:

Still, no matter what he did or how well he did it, it never was enough. Courier always had a passing shot that got by or a serve that was too tough (he won 91 percent of his first-serve points). When all else failed, he merely lined up one of his trademark forehand guns and pulled the trigger (he hit 47 winners to Mac's 30).

United Press International:

McEnroe, 33 years old and No. 18 in the rankings, managed merely three points on Courier's serve in the opening set and four in the second, three of those coming in the final game.

A discrepancy with The New York Times:

Courier was impermeable in the first two sets. He allowed McEnroe only three points on his serve in the opening set, and five more in the second. Both set points were converted in Courier's favor when McEnroe's desperate lurching, lunging service returns went long.

McEnroe, plagued by eight double-faults and unhappy about taking so obedient a bow, put himself on a familiar wake-up program in the third set. He screamed at himself, roared at a linesperson, manhandled his racquet and then accused a Reuters photographer of interfering with his concentration and had him removed by the tournament referee, Tom Barnes.

The Washington Post:

Courier, meanwhile, with his baseball cap firmly in place and his first serve rocketing in 89 percent of the time in the first set, bludgeoned McEnroe into a daze.
That figure might be right, but I wonder if it actually referred to points won on first serve. The ATP might be wrong about Courier serving at 66% for the match, but the number is not implausible, and 89 in the first set just seems high. Who knows.


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^ Thanks for posting ! I look forward to watching that. Another intriguing match-up during probably my favourite ever grand slam tournament (at least on the men's side) from start to finish. A host of big-name stars / contenders, alongside hoards of talented, dangerous unseeded players. Good times.

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USTA has lots of good uploads. It’s one of my favorite sources for checking out matches from before my time. Sure, it’s just US Open matches... but they’re good.