Stats for 2007 AO final (Williams-Sharapova)


S. Williams d. Sharapova, 6-1, 6-2

The following are my own stats.

Williams had 20 winners apart from service: 7 FH, 9 BH, 2 FHV, 2 BHV.

Sharapova had 7 winners apart from service: 3 FH, 2 BH, 1 BHV, and 1 smash into Serena’s body.

Williams had 4 return winners: 2 FH’s off first serve, one off second serve, and 1 BH off second serve. None were passing shots, but she did have one BH pass.

Sharapova had 2 return winners, both BH’s off first serve; but Serena let one of them go when it landed on the baseline at her feet. Neither return winner was a pass, and she had no other pass or lob winners.

Williams had 7 aces. Sharapova had 3, though the last one was shown to be out.

Williams had 2 double-faults, Sharapova 6.

Williams got 14 return errors from Sharapova, of which I counted 3 as service winners.

Sharapova got 12 return errors from Williams, of which I counted 2 as service winners.

Per the report on the AO site:

- Williams served at 69 per cent throughout the match against 51 per cent to Sharapova, and won 79 per cent of those successful serves to 67

- Sharapova served six double faults to two

- Williams finished with 28 winners to 12

- Sharapova committed 13 unforced errors to 11

- Williams converted 4-of-6 break points to 0-of-2

- Williams also won 53 per cent of the points when receiving to 27

- Williams won 60 points in total to 35

From “Statistics illustrated just how lopsided the final was – Williams swatted 28 winners to Sharapova's 12 and made only 11 unforced errors to the Russian's 13.” “Williams avenged that defeat today with a display of powerful forehands and serves, walloping 28 winners and seven aces.” “dominating with an impressive 28 winners and seven aces.”

Per the NY Times: “Williams finished with 28 winners and 11 unforced errors, a huge success rate for someone who takes such risks with her aggressive game. She broke Sharapova's shaky serve four times and never lost her own, serving seven aces and putting 67 percent of her first serves into play.”

All of the above stats are identical, except that the NY Times has a different first-serve percentage for Serena than the one reported at the AO site.

And the LA Times and Miami Herald have a lower number for Serena’s winners: “But Williams was superior in nearly every category, hitting more aces (7-3) and winners (27-12) than top-seeded Sharapova.”

In all the matches we've done, Serena's rate of winners stands at #17, and #5 if her aces are included.
Serena Williams wasn't even at her peak physically and she just ripped Sharapova apart.

Imagine if she had that mentality and her 2002 physique! It would be more like 6-0, 6-0...Literally.