Stefanos Tsitsipas: Nitto ATP Finals 'Bigger Than A Slam'


That’s quite a bit of crap from Tsitsipas.
What a presumptuous take - “…focus on the fact that we are the best in the world”.
I’m not one to actually defend the idea that the WTF is some glorified exho, it isn’t. It’s a big tournament in tennis and probably the biggest ATP event (Slams and Olympics excluded). Still, it’s not remotely bigger than a Slam, imo.
Easy to say you’d trade your Slam title for a #1 ranking when you have none.
“I like it when you are able to maximize everything”. Isn’t that the guy who’s said he doesn’t need to develop his BH slice? Or the guy with that top 50 BH and ROS?
Tsitsipas is trying to glorify himself there.
Winning the WTF is far more impressive than winning an OG.


This entire thread might be pointless

I think Tsitsipas said winning Nitto ATP finals is bigger than making slam final. He made slam final in AO this year and he was asked what would be best accomplishment for you this year.

As usual something got lost in the translation.


That makes sense. Because only top 8 players play it. So if you are already top 8 and on top win ATP finals minimum 1300 maximum 1500 pts today, then your ranking will rise even further.

Dimitrov was world number 6 in 2017 before ATP finals.

The difference between number 6 and number 3 was only 750 pts. Then Dimitrov won 1500 pts to reach world number 3 in a matter of a tournament.

So you take already ridiculously high ranked players and give them 1300 to 1500 pts so they have to get to top 3.
note: I said career high ranking of 3 or greater - Dimitrov subsequently rose to 3. My point is that winners of the event are top quality guys


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IF a player cannot win a slam, then reaching #1 is better than not winning a slam or reaching #1. Reaching #1 without winning a slam is still a great achievement, IMO.

Sure, it's still a great achievement but there will always be that lingering asterisk because the guy who is ranked the best in the world yet cannot win one of the best tournaments in the world.
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Just heard Annacone on Tennis Channel today. He talked about Sampras and how winning the ATP Finals was as big as winning a Slam for Pete. So apparently Tsitsipas ain't the only one who thinks so.


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The money for the winner certainly is.
The ATP does everything possible to promote its most prestigious event every year and the financial compensation for the champion could not be more and more attractive monetarily.