Stephens vs Ostapenko Miami Final 2018


  • Stephens

  • Ostapenko

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With Sloane up a set and 4–1 in the second, this sure looks like it's Ostapenko's to lose. Meaning, she'll lose.


Hall of Fame
Stephens should win with her boring pusher style like Andy Murray.
I still can't believe she beat Keys at the USO. That match seemed fixed for some reason. At least she doesn't make loud screams on her shots.

Sorry , I like an attacking game like Osaka, Williams sisters, and Keys, and newcomer Dolehide. I like Kasatkina a bit too. Ostapenko's shot selection needs a lot of improvement.


Well that 2nd set was quick.. Ostapenko needs to improve mental side of play.. sometimes she hits so hard when she is near the net and he only needs to hit it a little so it drops over the net, I think some players only hit with huge power and don't play strategic way