Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

I just came across this thread. There is a tennis documentary I would very much like to see. I have seen a couple of extracts of it online, but not the full documentary. It was a Tennis channel documentary (I am from the UK, we don't have Tennis channel here). First broadcast (I think) in 2016. It was called The barnstormers (about the history of pro tennis before the open era). Narrated by Robert Redford. If anyone has access to this and can find a way of sharing this with me, please let me know, as I would very much like to see it..
Does ANYONE have a video of Fed/Anderson which includes the 3rd set 4-5 game? Or at least the match point? I still haven't seen it, or the following deuce point.
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Here is the MP that Federer have and Anderson saves.Starts from 1.06.

Oh, he actually had a look at it. Could have gone straight at him, and if that wouldn't have sufficed do it with the next shot. The CC pass wasn't really required, the DTL pass would have been easier and also makeable.
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