Stinky Trees

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Not sure why I've never noticed this before, but the 2 clubs I play at most have this dead carcass smell going on in a bad way!

One of my hitting partners said it was flowering dogwoods, but others say it's actually Bradford pears, which were all the rage in SE USA about 15 years ago due to their early bloom.

Oh well, I guess just like kudzu, this easy fix landscaping solution has turned out to have some nasty consequences!
When I was a kid my parents had a tree that had seed pods that,
as they dried and curled, would shoot seeds across the yard
with surprising force.

They were not stinky, but they could put your eye out.
Take a deep breath and be happy you can.
50 percent of the oxygen we all live from is produced day in and day out by healthy oceans and the rest by biomass like trees plants and myceleum and mushroom...