Straight-Armed 2 HBH?


Is it good to hit a 2 HBH with both arms straight? I've been experimenting a little, and, compared to the normal left arm bent back and slightly out, keeping your arms straight, turning a little more, and bending your wrist slightly down. After this, your simply rotate your core and shoulders, and right before you hit the ball, rotating your wrists. Is this okay? Would it be any worse than the normal method?

Another question: I tried this because *sometimes* my left wrist would hurt from bending the racket back (also known as "lagging") before rotating through the ball. Am I just doing it wrong? If so, how can you hold the racket to prevent this painful bend? Thanks.
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Doc Hollidae

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I personally straighten my arms for my backhand. Works well with 2HBH's with short backswings. Roddick, Safin, Hewitt, and Agassi all hit with straight armed 2 HBH.


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You are 100% right about AA. However, despite the backswings, at contact the other 3 guys have the dominant male version on tour, which is rear arm straight and the right or front arm bent.

John Yandell
I don't think it matters as long as the back one doesn't change through the swing. Most people agree this is where the power comes from; like a left handed forehand.