Strange, but true.

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    Between 1914 and 1934 Elizabeth Ryan won a record 19 Wimbledon tiles; 12 Women's Doubles titles and 7 Mixed Doubles titles (she was a Singles finalist twice). Her record for most Wimbledon titles stood for 4 decades. Eventually Billie Jean King tied the record of 19 titles and in 1979 she and partner Martina Navratilova reached the finals of the Women's Doubles. The night before the finals were to be played Elizabeth Ryan died in her sleep of natural causes at age 87. It was almost as though being the record holder was what kept her going--losing the record would be too hard to bear and she didn't want to see the record broken. King & Navratilova did go on to win the title the next day giving King the record for most Wimbledon titles. That record ironically was later tied by Navratilova.

    Anyone else have any 'strange but true' tennis stories?
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    JW10S, Thanks for this story.
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    Yes, Ryan is an all timer, much like Lenglen,Lambert,Wills,Connolly or Osborne which are seldom talked about here.

    Navy was very pelased when she contributed to KingĀ“s breaking that record.I think it was 1979 Wimbledon.
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    Many strange stories rank around Bobby Riggs. He is said to have had a bet going for him to win the Wim triple in 1339, which he certainly did. Another interesting figure is Irishman Vere "St. Leger" Goold. He lost a Wim final to a priest, Rev. Hartley, and later was found at the Riviera with a suitcase, which contained some pieces of a rich woman, he had murdered. He ended on Devils Island.

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