Strange observations of the pro game

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by sureshs, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Oct 1, 2005
    Two things I noticed recently:

    1. Pros are hitting forehand flat shots with the racquet face open just before contact - sort of like a powerful slice. I have noticed two juniors at the club do it, then found this happening at the AO. There is the usual backswing and foreswing of the drive as usual, but the racquet face is opened up at contact. Technically, I think this is not in the textbooks? I have long believed that the flat shot which is done by "hitting 4 balls in a row" never existed, or maybe only in the wood era. With today's high and spinny incoming balls, I don't think the shot with racquet face perpendicular to the ground and driving dead straight is possible - will sail into the net. I knew most flat shots were actually side spin shots, but I am seeing a whole new strange stroke altogether which is neither a topspin, nor a slice, nor a flat drive, and worse, involves bending of the wrist upwards just before contact.

    2. I saw several slow motion replays at the AO and I think pros are hitting a lot of balls on the lower side of the racquet (when held sideways) and near 12'o'clock, specially in topspun shots. They are not "middling" the ball. Is this another example where tennis teaching is at variance with reality, and how come they are able to get by with the reduced power in off-center hits.

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