Strange/weird/odd/shocking things in tennis

Eagles beat Patriots. These things happen in sports all the time, people have better and worse days now and then, not particularly "shocking/weird/odd" unless you are very easily shocked.
Despite the fact the Nadal started playing in slams 2 years earlier than Novak ...Novak has participated in 1 more Slam than Rafa...because Rafa has missed so many with injury.

Rafa has played 43 slams
Novak has played 44 slams
That is not wierd at all. Happened multiple times, another example Sampras had many more appearances than Agassi by 2002 but Agassi is a year older.
As you may guess I'm a little bias, but Flavia has a 31-10 singles record at USO, including 17-2 during her last 3 visits (7-2 in doubles)
It was still surprising though
You could be right. Maybe Vinci beating Serena in the semis was the real shock.
I like Flavia too and I am glad she won one at USO where she'd been the most successful. I totally forgot about the (two?) semis she had made before.
Agassi winning wimbledon before Pete.
Also, Agassi winning Wimbledon before he won any other slam. Grass was clearly his weakest surface (he'd had multiple runner-up spots and semi-finals at the FO/USO before winning Wimbledon, and for many years in his early career, refused to even play at Wimbledon because he considered it too traditional and fuddy-duddy).
Leander Paes winning Olympic bronze in 96. The doubles legend has played 6 Olympics and his only medal is in singles.

Djokovic being the youngest active guy on tour to have won a Masters?

Obviously there is little things which make that less significant ie Delpo and Cilic have won slams. Kei and the Madrid final... But I suppose that is part of the equation, Kei's health.

Only one AO for Nadal.

I've always found that strange considering how good he seems to be on the surface sometimes.
Not really imo. Never really been a brilliant hard court player. Just phenomenal streaky form on it. Which you basically said as well.

The one he did win, he actually didn't even win the most points in the final.

Yeah he could well have won more but not really a thing of note imo.
Cilic & Penetta winning USO (2014,2015).

Wozniacki being No.1 for two consecutive years.
Surprises for sure, but looking at Flavia's US Open record we shouldn't have been really shocked. I was though

Cilic was a big surprise definitely. Though he really was expected to reach the top as a young gun. I suppose it was just a surprise to see the top 4 infiltrated like that. But arguably Cilic was more likely to have been the man to do so as opposed to Berdych or Ferrer.

Wawrinka winning RG-15, defeating Fedsongovic in the QF/SF/F.
Beating the first two is no big deal, or of any note imo.
Nadal never winning Miami
Nadal having more success at USO than at AO
Federer winning 0 USO titles after 2008
Djokovic having more succes at Wimbledon that at RG
Murray having no AO titles
Berdych reaching his only Slam final in Wimbledon
Homogeneous surface era. that explains.
Agassi's My Little Pony mullet being a wig. :eek:o_O

Also, to echo a few others: Agassi winning Wimbledon was a shocker. It was his worst surface, there was a monster server across the net, he'd never won the big one, and he disliked Wimbledon. It was a special memory for me, since it was the first tournament that I can remember watching all the way through, and I was rooting for him, but it sure felt impossible.

Glad that Ivanisevic finally earned his moment, too. And what a moment that was! I had to look it up on YouTube and watch it again. His story in winning that title might be considered "shocking," too. Like Christmas in July!

I'm still bitter about my parents taping over the VHS copy I made of the 1992 match. :mad: lol At least it's on YouTube (for now).
It's like not letting Rafa hit a single FH winner on Chatrier.
I can believe Nole not breaking a racquet in a single match, i can believe Murray not swearing in a single match, i can believe Roger not hurling the bottles to the ball boys in a single match (pun intended in all), but Rafa not making a winner on Chatrier, not possible, highly improbable, unless he wants to give Dr Ivo company in exception list. ;)
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