Stretching your abdominals

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by redsoxrock930, Mar 10, 2008.

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    I just realized that abs are one of the few muscles that i never stretch, could this be bad it seems as if i could do harder stuff with my abs if they were stretched but i have no idea how to do this
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    When doing a warm up routine before tennis or other exercise, do your stretching dynamically (with motion) -- don't hold stretches for more than a second or so, if at all. For your cool down (post-exercise), you can do your static stretching (hold these stretches for 15-30 seconds).

    You can do some trunk twists while keeping the hips stationary or you could turn the hips in the opposite direction. Another stretch, to be done while standing, is to bring one knee up and touch it with the opposite elbow. Alternate with the other knee/elbow pair.

    Alternating side stretches: lift one elbow up over your head while stretching that side. Alternate with other elbow & side. Other stretches:

    Transverse Abdominus stretch (abdominal vacuum)

    various stretches & exercises for the waist

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