Striking difference between the men's and women's game


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The importance of sheer physical size.

Its interesting in that so many of the top women's players are, for women, physically imposing. By any normal standard, there are a lot of exceptionally large girls/women crowding the top of the rankings. It seems like every 18 year old climbing the rankings is near or over 6'0", with a strong, athletic build (very few matchsticks running around out there).

OTOH, the men's game just doesn't see that. You have your big guys, but the size of the players is not that far from (slightly above) average male dimensions. In terms of weight, its probably below average. And the young guys who look promising aren't, on the whole, that big. Murray, Gasquet, Baghdatis, Djokovic- all pretty normal sized. Nadal looks big because of his build (and he's clearly not small), but you can walk down the street and see a dozen guys that size.

I think this is because female players can succeed, to a much greater extent than male players, on sheer power. Quickness appears to be a much, much greater factor in the men's game. It seems like there's a power versus quickness quotient that allows smaller men to hit the ball hard enough, while maintaining great quickness, but rewards women who are able to just knock the cover off the ball, but might not be lightning quick.