string abrasion with hybriding multi and poly


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I just strung my pure aero with (nxt 17g 54lbs) multi mains and poly(cyclone 17g 49lbs) crosses.
I do my crosses weaving the crosses 1 ahead.
I found it very difficult to pull the strings through after weaving and also very difficutlt in pushing the strings up the mains to prevent the strings burning(while i pull the crosses through).
I was pulling pretty slowly but fanning the crosses across the mains seem to cause some abrasion on the multi mains with some areas of the multi peeling just a bit here and there.
I did notice in one of Irvins videos that he mentions to push the crosses right against the previous crosses before he does the next cross weave.
I eventually starting weaving the crosses one by one to prevent the multi getting damaged further.
Any tips to prevent that and weave faster?
Would Irvins method fix all the problems I had?

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First off...blending polys with multis is not the best idea. They make a poor marriage. The multi does not provide enough support to allow the poly to reach optimal performance. The poly chews through the multi making durability unacceptable to everyone EXCEPT for the string companies that package them together...knowing full well they break quickly and do not provide optimal performance. If you want to avoid burning the cross strings then you might consider trying the string weaver tool. It opens a channel which greatly reduces friction.


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I feel like the string weaver would be a waste of money. I would rather use that money to buy nore strings to practice. Im assuming this is all due to my lavk of experence. I do understand the lack of durability but i really like how this hybrid combo feels.


@Sweets... I see a pattern here. Shaped poly as a cross. As @MathieuR said, ROUND slick poly. The harder poly, with sharp edges (from being shaped) is going to cut into the softer multi and shred it with minimal effort.

I'd probably try Head Hawk, Kirschbaum Proline II, Isospeed Cream, or Signum Pro Poly Plasma, as I've seen those names come up plenty of times as reliable poly crosses.


anyplace I can check if strings are shaped or slick besides searching the forums?
The TW retail site. Almost all the string descriptions mention if it is a shaped string or not. That is what I just did to confirm the suggestions I just made.


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Thanks for the great advice Irivn!.
You have been a great help on the start of my stringing experience.
I will try that next time and try to avoid shaped polys.
Hopefully that will fix the problems I have been having.
You’re welcome. Multi mains and poly crosses (like Federer uses) are going to be hard on your strings. End of story. But if you’re going to play with them you may as well reduce the friction against the mains and crosses as much as you can when weaving and fanning. You softer multi mains will be bent opposite the way you want them if you next to be tensioned cross is not pulled up against the last tensioned then when you weave and fan one ahead you’re going over the high strings and under the low ones. If you’re doing that weaving one ahead is a waste of time.