string advice for a redondo 93 needed

Discussion in 'Strings' started by PJN, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Can anyone advice me on a good string for this racket? I am planning og 54 lbs, and usually I like 16 gauche strings. The thing I can refer to now is a BB 10 mid with wilson enduro pro 16 at 54 lbs. I like this set-up, and I like strings that are not too soft particularly in a flexible frame, but the enduro feels a tad on the dead side. Should I go for a hybryd with wilson nxt sensation in the mains and enduro in the crosses (never tried a hybryd setup). Or just nxt sensation? How soft is that string; not too soft? Any other wilson suggestions? I would like to stick with this brand to be able to learn and compare a bit about stringing. I have played a lot in the old days with a wilson prostaff 7.5 (55 RA, very nice, that is why I try the redondo now hoping too find something similar) with just cheap nylons; which i liked! Many of the new strings are so soft..
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    it all depends what you want out of the racket - do you want more loop on your shots? want to hit flatter? Are you looking for more control with alot of loop?

    For that last one 17g poly is where to go. I'd recommend Kischerbaum Super Smash - it's got slightly more feedback then the sleeker poly.

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