String advice for Head Youtek Radical Pro


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Bought this racquet last week. The demo I used had Head Sonic in it at around 55lbs - felt great. Bought the racquet and had it strung with Babolat blast 17g at 55lbs and it feels way too tight.

Anyone have any advise on alternate strings. A guy at my club suggested Luxilon Alu Power at 52 lbs. Any help would be great

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Thats what I am thinking. I was told that the Head Sonic was a pretty average string which is why I went with the Babolat.
Tony... screw others' comments. String/feel is a very individualistic. I have my favorite, but others hate it.

Use it and kick some arse and get OTHERS to use what you use because you owned them on the court.

Good luck.


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Not a wilson synthetic anything but that! It was in my demo from a local shop and it sucked bad!!!


Personally, I stick with poly in the YT Rad Pro. The wide open string pattern eats through synthetic gut and multis very fast.

My favorite is WC Turbotwist at 54lbs, but the racquet is so spin friendly from the baseline any poly your arm can tolerate would do well. So if Sonic Pro feels good to you, I would say go with it.


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Thanks for all the feedback. I am going to try Luxilion Big Banger Alu power fluoro at 52lbs and see how that goes. Anyone used this string?