String Database Tension Loss

Hi folks.

When using TW's string database, over what period is the % tension loss measured.

I've looked everywhere for the answer.

Can't find it.

Cheers, Paul


IIRC static tension loss is waiting 24 hours after coming off stringer. And dynamic tension loss was measured when tension losses no longer occurred or were minimal. IIRC this occurred after ~ 1000 ball impacts. The numbers were taken so that you could compare them. TBH, I have never experienced the described static tension losses. But I suspect this is due to the way I string to pull out as much static tension losses as possible.
Thanks for the reply esgee. I switched my Wise to the slowest pulling speed as a trial today. The difference is massive. Strung Pros Pro Eruption at 50lbs today. Lost 7 lbs after 5 hours. Admittedly it was on a 102sq inch frame. Although looking at the numbers on TW database it doesn't look that extreme a loss.