String half set from full set strings

has anyone tried stringing a hybried from 2 different full set strings?

for example, i am currently using head fxp prestige MP (98sq in) and a did a little bit research and found out that the mains needs 21 feet of strings. which made me think if i cut the full set of pro hurricane (40 feet) in half leaving me 2 sets of 20s, i would not have enough strings to do the mains. or if i use it to string on set of mains, i would not have enough to string another set

btw i found out the measurements from under tennis

im wondering if 20 feet of string is enough for the mains of fxp prestige mp.


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yeah, i would think 20 feet would get you there. but i guess you can try it and find out pretty quickly!


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Unless you play with a racquet like a Big Bubba, 40 feet should be enough for two racquets.


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21 ft is pretty plenty for an FXP Prestige MP, especially if you have a crank machine. I usually get a foot and a half of string left over on either side. You should be able to get away with only 20 ft.

However, if you own a droppie or a machine with a rotational gripper, 20 ft may be cutting it close. Strung sets are usually slightly longer than their printed length so always their total lengths before cutting.

Steve Huff

Since nearly half the stringjobs I do are hybrids, I've often cut sets in half to string rackets. I string enough that a half set isn't going to sit around here for long. Often, I use a reel though. I've probably got 12-14 different strings on reels. But, I use nat. gut. I'm stringing more gut lately too, and a lot of gut hybrids. Obviously, I don't have gut in reels. Fortunately, a half of a full set will do the mains in 2 rackets.