String leight counter

Do you use some string counter for measuring string length?

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I just use my own arm span length (mine is approx. 5.5 ft). When doing a one piece, i know the total length from various online sites, and then just use the length of a racquet head for determining the short side (ex: a 16x18 string pattern would be 8 lengths (half of the lengths) of the racquet head and another 3/4 length for pulling and tying off).

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I made my own using a 1x4x35 inch piece of scrap lumber. Notched a little at both ends and marked at 11 and 23 inches. Most all my jobs require 34-37 feet of string. Each revolution is 6 feet. Easy Peasy.
OK. I also use recquet length, but it not very precise, you know, when you measure in a hurry:). I was thinking of buying some length counter, but they are very expensive.
Next to my stringing machine I made a gizmo to hold reels as I pull string. I bought a pretty nice work bench and have that behind me as I string and I made 3 one foot marks on the top of it from the right edge. When I measure string I hang the reel on the gizmo I made and measure out against the marks on the work bench.
I use the one on my machine, it helps me reduce waste without wasting time.

Before I had this machine I had a 4 foot wide desk so I just used that but while the string meter isn't as fast as wingspans it is faster than a 4 foot desk :)


I measure the string using the head of the racket.
- assume 16*19, measuring mains:
- first pull ~6m from the reel, keeping the end in my hand (and keep it there till the cutting of the proper length)
- measure 5 length of center mains
- measure 3 length of outer mains
- add 20cm
- double and cut

First unroll ~5m
- measure 6 "long" crosses
- add 3 "short" crosses
- double, add 1 crosslength, add 20cm, cut