String Project strings


Does anyone have any experience with String Project strings? Looks like a line of polys. Just came across them on Instagram.


Looks like a goofy Italian brand of string made in China.

It put's the String in the Racquet, it does this whenever its told.


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Guess we dont have enough choices here in the little USA...
I believe we are well over 1,300 choices...and we need more !
And hey, have we tried them all yet?
No! Why..?
(oh remember little tip, what works for me or the next threader - may not work for you - you need to try it to know- tip of the day)
Now try these....these are also far far away strings..the farther you hunt the better the string...for this one, we go deep into the jungle...
You will go big "ape" and "bananas" over them...Damn this future pro loves them!
Endorsed by Pros (furture) and jungle kids everywhere in the wild...

(tough court to play in...)
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