String Savers => Tension Maintanence?

Discussion in 'Other Equipment' started by TennisFrkJC92, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. TennisFrkJC92

    TennisFrkJC92 Rookie

    Jun 19, 2007
    I don't know about anyone else but when i used string savers, not only did my strings last longer, the strings maintained their tensions better. Is it just me or does anyone else have this effect from string savers?

    In specific, i use Babolat Elastocross 2
  2. darkblue

    darkblue Semi-Pro

    Jul 26, 2005
    Middle of nowhere, USA
    my setup

    dunlop aerogel 300
    bow brand natural gut 18g @ 62 lbs
    babolat elastocross

    w/o the string savers, the 18g strings break in 4-5 games. (that's not matches, games) with the string savers, it survives most matches (either
    break towards the end of 2nd set or somewhere in the 3rd) to the end of it.

    tension maint -> it's hard to say since i break strings often, but
    i'm not sure if i feel any difference day-to-day with or w/o them
  3. abenguyen

    abenguyen Hall of Fame

    Mar 28, 2006
    i used them for a little but them make strings feel stiffer. they seem like they keep tension just a little but not too much. i just use cheap gamma ones and they get annoying to put in and out
  4. [K]Topspin

    [K]Topspin Guest

    I wouldn't say they necessarily hold tension better, but it sure does feel like it.
  5. tennistomcat

    tennistomcat Semi-Pro

    Jan 29, 2006
    It's probably mental but when I feel like my strings have lost some tension and the shots start flying on me, i through in a bunch of the string savers & i feel like i've got some control back on my shots. I feel like it tightens the string bed
  6. Chauvalito

    Chauvalito Hall of Fame

    Nov 11, 2006
    Do you get such a jump in playability by using an 18 instead of 16 or 17 guage that you are willing to use such a thin string in an open patterned racket?

    NG is known for its longevity and superior playing characteristics over would not make sense to me to use such a thin gut in an open patterned racket when a 16 guage would last you possibly 10 times as long while providing nearly as much playability at signifigantly less cost.

    With that said, if you are of the means that you can replace gut so often, more power to you.
  7. ronalditop

    ronalditop Hall of Fame

    Jun 2, 2008
    in my room
    if you break strings so much, why do you use 18g strings? its ilogic, and worst is in a opened pattern. i use LM prestige mp 18x20 98 headsize and strings last me 3 o 4 months. and i hit really hard. tension: 58
  8. TonyB

    TonyB Hall of Fame

    Sep 6, 2006


    I played last night and found my shots going way out all night long. It occurred to me that I hadn't installed my "normal" 5x5 matrix of string savers (Elastocross), so I put them in tonight before I played.

    What a difference. It was very noticeable. The stringbed stiffened up a bit and the control returned.

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