String setup for Yonex Ezone DR 98

I have been playing with a hybrid setup ( ALU Rough Mains @48lbs, Babolat Excel @52lbs) for the last 15-16 hours. However I think that the bite is no longer the same and maybe it's time to restring.

What setup would you recommend for more feel and spin?
I am interested in this question as well. I had been using a hybrid of Volkl Cyclone Tour poly mains, usually 53 or 54, and then some synthetic gut cross (Head, etc), usually 56 or so. Have been trying all poly for the past few weeks. Also using the DR98, and have arm / wrist issues. Have been trying the all poly at 46 or so. Topspin forehand is better, slice is worse. Would not mind going back to the hybrid if I could find a set-up that is comfortable enough, and that I could jump on the forehand. Being able to hit an inside out down the line topspin forehand swinging all out is the goal. Can do it will all poly, iffy with the hybrid. I found the Cyclone Tour is not all that spinny when using all poly, so maybe need to try a different poly main, or drop some tension. Big hitter, so I need some control, but can't handle really stiff frame or string.
Being able to hit an inside out down the line
Not sure you quite understand what inside out means... an inside out shot goes cross court, like a righty standing in the ad side hitting a forehand to the ad side.

Regardless though, I think a gut/poly hybrid would suit both of y'all well, like what zettavaska said. If you're worried about control, bump up the tension of the gut mains, then use a round, control-oriented cross string; Luxilon 4G or Kirschbaum Max Power for the most control and best playability, Isospeed Cream for a little more comfortable setup. Wilson Revolve, MSV Co-Focus, and Tecnifibre Pro Red Code Wax are other good options to maximize spin potential.
Yep Bagel, that's what I meant, but not as extreme as your example. Singles, center mark of the singes court, but then bombing a lefty forehand back to my forehand side singles corner. With my traditional hybrid, I can blast cross court, but with all poly, I can also have that slight inside out big forehand that is hit hard and low, but still dips enough to stay in. Not a traditional down the line shot, but back to that singles corner. I was just reading about Isospeed Cream you mentioned. Was wondering about it as an all poly set-up. For sure it would be something to try as a hybrid. Thanks for the info. Think I will order some.
Friday I strung my DR98’s with Klip Legend Natural Gut 16 in the mains (54) and Yonex Poly Tour Pro 17 (yellow) in the crosses (51). Over the weekend I hit with a pro plus played doubles and singles matches...with this set-up I experienced a great mix of control, spin and touch. The VS Touch / RPM Blast I had in before was okay, but the YPTP makes for a much softer feel. I’ve been having problems with my arm and the Klip/Yonex was much easier on it.