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Hi there! Looking for a bit of advice and doing some research as to what you might recommend for a setup for me to increase my spin, but not adding power. I've had a 20 year hiatus and started playing again last year.
I'm currently using a Wilson Blade 16x19 with AG 17ga synthetic gut, strung at 60lbs and I'm a relatively frequent string breaker (probably around 10-12hrs). I'm a 4.5/5.0 player, reasonably big hitter and play with a lot of spin anyway, but I tend to hit long. I'm already at the top of the tension range for the racquet so just want a little extra help with the spin aspect.
I don't like polys as I can't feel the ball when I use them and find them harsh on my arm (I've had tennis elbow in the past), so I want to stay away from them (yes, I've used a hybrid setup too but still didn't feel great); and I'm concerned natural gut will be very pricey for me, even when I string my own.
So that leaves me with synthetic gut and multifilament. Never used a multifilament, I've heard they're easy to break, but if they're on the mid-cheaper end I don't mind breaking them. I'm thinking a thinner guage synthetic gut might do the trick, but wanted to see if there are any recommendations out there?!


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Multi tend to be more power and less durable than syn guy at same tension. I would suggest you try thicker gauge synthetic gut which helps your durability and power issue.


While on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, the new Tecnifibre multifilaments (Hybrid 3D which include Triax, HDMX, etc.) are a blend of Multi and Poly fibers which gives it more durability, power, and spin compared to other multiflaments.

The issue there is that they can be pricy if not bought on sale.

You mention you're looking to increase spin and not power, then give Triax/HDMX/Duramix a go, and hopefully you can catch a bunch on sale. Otherwise, you're going to need to stick with Synthetic Gut as any multifilament will definitely be increasing power (might not be a bad thing, it would force a change in technique to use more spin to keep the ball in).


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I'm thinking a thinner guage synthetic gut might do the trick, but wanted to see if there are any recommendations out there?!
Thinner gauge will give you more power, not less. You might want to try a thicker gauge and a stiffer brand of syn gut -- people seem to love these two and both are among the stiffest syngut strings in the TW string database:

Prince Syn Gut Original 16
Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16
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I just recently made the switch to synthetic gut and have been EXTREMELY surprised at how well Gamma Synthetic Gut plays. I don’t miss poly strings at all. I get a lot of the same features I had when I played with poly strings. I would also suggest investing in a stringing machine. It has saved me tons of money and I’ve found it to be extremely gratifying too.