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    So I picked up a used racquet that was already strung. The seller told me what was in it, but I wasn't familiar with those strings so for the heck of it, I broke out the calipers (Sorry, mine are inch) and measured each string at 10 random spots:

    Wilson Kgut 17: .44 to .50 Mains
    TCS17: .46 to .47 X's

    Then I measured what I have packages of:

    Gamma Syngut 18: .45 to .46
    Black code 17: .48 to .50 (All measurements were .50 except the one .48)
    Black Magic 16: .50 to .50
    Spin X 16: .49 to .51
    Hollow core 16: .51 to .52
    Gosen 15L: .53 to .54

    So all in all, there were 2 surprises: Black Code 17 was the same as all the 16g strings in my bag (how exactly would one measure a hex string anyway?), and the TNT2 18 seems to be only marginally smaller than the 17g strings.

    Also intersting to see the mains in the strung racquet varies quite a bit whereas the cross did not. So I measured another racquet:

    Black Code 17 mains at 57 lbs and 4 hours: .48 to .49
    Gosen 15L x's at 55lbs and 4 hours: .51 to .52

    So compared to the string in the package, the black code hardly changed size, but the gosen seems to have "streached" down a bit.

    In the end, I'm wondering how marketing is affecting the "size" of a string....??? especially in the case of the black code 17g.
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