String Strings String.


So im back to string testing from my RIP Control.

So this year, I'm going to test Poly Hybrids (with CF poly in the mains) with loads of different crosses and posting the reviews here. Will update this post.

First few strings I'm going to test are

CF/Klip Kicker
CF Full Bed

After a few lets say 10 different crosses ill be testing B5E and other Weiscannon/Pro Supex strings recommended since those two brands are the only cheap ones here. Requests will be taken as long as the prices arent above $20 a set (here).
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Hopefully will string the CF/Sensation next week sometime.

Any suggestions for tension? and should i expect the sensation to die/break quickly in the crosses?


I used Multifeel 1.30 with CF 1.20 mains in my LM Rad OS @57M/59C. It was very lively and accurate. Tecnifibre has since changed MF for the worse. On a 100" racquet, I would try the CF/Sensation at 54/56 on a constant pull machine.


I've decided that i'll be testing attraction instead of sensation because since i hit with quite abit of topspin (lasoo forehand), the mains will rip the sensation apart

Im trying the setup at 55/57 or 56/57 to allow for poly to lose some tension. Is it better to double pull the poly or multi?



Strung up today, had a little go with it so far, i really get what you guys mean now, poly is very low powered. I think i strung it abit high 55/57 and played with it right after it got strung. Ill post the full review in after the poly loses some tension and hopefully some extra free power.

It played quite crisp and alot of control and spin. The mains started to dig into the crosses a little bit. The spin is out of the league of RIP Control, the poly had about 2-3 times more spin although this is also because i had to use all my strength on every shot or else it isn't fast which causes me to tire out after a set (lucky we only play a set at school tennis and another set of doubles but doubles is hardly anything).

Tension Strung Strung Topspin Cyberflash at 55 and Babolat Attraction at 57

Regular Setup Been using Head PPS the longest. Will compare to this and RIP Control

Racquet Yonex V-Core 100S (318 grams, 4-5 points HL, 16x19)

Power The ground strokes of this set-up is amazing although it has enough power, but it forces me to not slack of on any stroke or else the shot will either hit the net, go out, or be a lob. It has less power than both Head PPS and RIP Control, It was on the stiff side but I feel nothing on my arm.

Serve Served a few times today, more kick on my kicks and better control on my flat serves, was never a strong server. More to come


Spin Production


Tension Maintenance



Too be finished Later :twisted:
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