String suggestions for Head Graphene XT Speed S


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This racquet has a little more power than i'm used to. Which of these strings would be a good fit for this racquet to give it a little more control?

Volk cyclone 16g
Kirschbaum Pro Line 2 1.25mm
Yonex Tour Spin
Or hybrid set up with a soft synthetic gut.

Roland G

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I would describe Cyclone and Pro Line 2 to be relatively powerful strings. Of those three, Poly Tour Spin might be your best bet.


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Try Babolat PHT or RPM. Both are quite stiff and crisp, and go well with syn gut. If you want a more shaped or soft string, you can try black widow, or one of the thinner tour bites. Also don't rule out luxilon 4g if you want a round poly. Maybe try kirschbaum max power too (though I haven't hit with it, but TW lab tests are really good for it). I also liked head hawk a lot if you want a round, yet soft(er) poly (though it has tons of control for its lower stiffness)