Stringing experience:What's your background?Yrs/#of jobs, hybrids, sticks?

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    Jun 18, 2009
    I started in 1981, with an ektelon model D. Tried most lux, most gut, most polys, most nylons, most polyofelin ribbons, most kevlars, most syn guts, most multis, and a few I didn't even know what they were. Mostly in stiff frames, many hybrids, thousands of string jobs, just for myself mainly. Took a bandsaw to the ektelon, so it could take profiles. Stuck with lux for years, at 73lbs, in a stiff frame, and broke strings fast and often. Now, with the pt57A, the stick is soft, and using gut, at 60lbs, it won't break near as fast as lux at 73lbs, in a bab.

    ace 18/gut

    So, what have I learned in all those hybrids and wasted string jobs?

    String high, with a stiff frame, and the strings will not last long and give you arm trouble.

    Use a soft frame, and med. tensions, and the string will last long and not hurt your arm.

    Gut is the very best for tension loss/control/touch, with cost as a neg. factor.

    Spin strings will not nec. give you more control or feel.

    Volleyers are best off with gut/lux type jobs.

    More mass on the stick means more power.

    No lux or poly lasts long with tension loss if you hit hard or often.

    Some sticks are grommet break prone, and will frustrate the hell out of you, with strings like lux, cyber flash, msv hex, sppp.

    Cheap poly strings will cause arm/shoulder damage.

    Nylon is really bad for tension loss.

    Dropping the tension of the top five crosses can increase the pocket size.

    Syn gut lasts about 1/2hr. for heavy spin hitters.

    The lux rough strings only give more spin for heavy hitters.

    Ashaway loses a lot of tension, but has good durability for heavy spin hitters, and can be strung for power. Kevlar feels dead if not strung right.

    Cost/durability are not as important as control/feel.

    Power is not as important as consistency/control/feel.

    Spin is not as important as consistency/control/feel.

    A stiff, powerful stick, strung at high tensions with lux, is the worst combo for arm/shoulder injury.

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