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  1. flatball

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    Feb 5, 2006
    Need stringing info for a wood Wilson Jack Kramer racquet.

    Thanks flatball.
  2. jim e

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    Aug 4, 2007
    I posted this a while back, so I just pasted the response here.

    I strung many wooden racquets, but that was a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.Used an old Serrano machine, which I still have. Once in a while if a woodie comes by I will use that old machine.

    General wooden pattern: (For most, but not all, as you need to check grooves as I listed example below) .
    Pattern: 18 × 20
    String Length: M's: 16.5', X's: 16.5' Or can use 33' for a one piece job as many string packs came in 33' sections, Bow Brand Gut came in 2-17' pieces back in the day.
    Tension range: 45-60 ( Generally, but I strung a Slazenger Challenge #1 (was never strung before, still had plastic wrap over the grip!) a few weeks ago with VS gut at 61lbs, a lot depends on the condition of the racquet, as they are old. As precaution, I recommend wearing protective eyeware stringing old racquets as you never know what can happen!!!)
    Start mains @: H
    Tie off mains @: 6T
    Mains skip: 9T
    Start crosses @: 7H
    Last cross @: 7T
    Tie off crosses @: 6H, 5T
    Many wooden racquets share a common stringing method. Others can be strung with variations on this method, like the Tad skipping 9H as well as 9T, but you can see variations with these racquets by the grooves in the racquet.This will be very obvious to you.This is why the Tad/Davis racquets had straighter end mains, while many other racquets had the end mains at a slight angle. You will tell the way for your racquet by the grooves, and it will be very obvious for sure.
    If you want to string as one piece then, Zig-zag (5 hole) groove will accommodate short side.These grooves are not standardized, so you may need to pre string loosly with some to determine the proper short side.I always strung them as 2 piece, especially with gut, as Bow Brand back then came in 2- 17' pieces to one set of strings.
    Put the pads on the 2 center mains, just cut up a scrap piece of leather, as this was not an option, as it kept the string going straighter through the frame at the throat area.
    To give it a good detail, place some trim string for the rough and smooth.
  3. flatball

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    Feb 5, 2006
    Thanks Jim.

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