Stringing Machine Advice


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Hi I'm looking at buying a stringing machine in Australia. It took me a long time to find any because it's not a big market. I was aiming to spend around 1000AUD. I ended up finding 3 crank machines that I was deciding between. The AEF Egret 200, the SpinFire Blaze and the Eagnas Flex 920. I heard some bad reviews about the Eagnas and apparently the AEF and SpinFire are very similar but the AEF is cheaper so that's what I'm leaning towards. Has anyone used any of these, got any advice about them or any other machines here?


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The Spinfire Blaze has a far better turntable/mounts when compared to the AEF. I’d definitely stretch the budget if I could to that one.

If you don’t want new I have seen a Gamma X-ST on the usual auction sites that you could probably talk down from their asking $1200.


[1] Try to ascertain what comes with each machine. Does one have a starting clamp and the other does not? What about tools or mounting adapters? Manual?
[2] Check the condition of the machine. One that is blemish free/rust free is probably more cared for than on that is rusty, especially the tension head. All LO tension heads operate the same since the design is very old. My basis would be the state of the clamping system.
[3] Can you trial the machine to check that it pulls and mounts the frames?
[4] You can order parts for the Flex 920. Not sure about the others.