Stringing Machine Cart?

I've got an Alpha Revo 4000 Crank stringing machine, but it's taking up a bit of space on my table. It's not exactly light, so having to lift it and move it everytime I want to use it is a bit of a hassle. Ideally, I'd like to be able to keep it on a mobile cart so I just kid of wheel it out when I need it and then wheel it back into my storage area or closet. I'm not sure if any of you have the same spatial dilemma as I do, but if anyone has any recommendations for a decent little cart, I'd definitely appreciate and consider it. Thanks!
This topic has come up in the past and the most economical answer has been to look at Harbor Freight website for a "service cart". My other piece of advice is that people find the 3 shelf cart much more useful than the 2 shelf cart and have regretted going with the cheaper 2 shelf option.
I use a small wire shelf cart on wheels in my garage. One of the ones where you screw the corner pipe supports together, place plastic position locks on the pipe in the spaced grooves in the pipe and then place the shelf on top and give it some downward pressure to lock it in place.

Works great. Top shelf get the machine (obviously), middle shelf gets my tools and string and such in some plastic bins I had around, bottom shelf gets other tennis/fitness related gear, shoes, etc. Wheel it out when I need it, put it back against the wall when I don't. It did take a bit of trial and error to find the shelf height that worked best for me, a potential downside to the rigid Harbor Freight carts.
I had the same issue with my Alpha revo 4000 I picked this cart up at Home depot and works great. This way I can wheel it out of the closet and in front of the TV to watch the game while I string. It puts it at the right height for me (I am 6 ' 1 ") so depending upon how tall you are...that may be an issue.
5'11", so I imagine height shouldn't be an issue since we're only off by a couple inches. :)

Thanks for the recommendation, I went with that one. I have most of my tennis string and other accessories in fabric cubes, so I can just put a couple of those on the bottom shelf and the machine on the top.
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adjustable table legs at IKEA - $4 X 4 $16
tabletop any where - $20
16 screws to attach legs to table top - $2
replace 2 adjustable leg bottoms with locking caster wheels - $8

custom made, set up t your height table, less than $50