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    I need some assistance in picking out a stringer under $1000. A little more won't hurt (im not the one paying for it :p)...Anyways, so far I've only been looking into the Gamma 5003...What are other good stringers around this price range? The two main racquets that will be strung on this are Babolat Pure Drives and Pure Controls...occasionaly another racquet (if any of this makes a difference)....

    Also, another quick question about stringing....One of my grommets on my pure drive broke...its toward the bottom of the racquet, around the mouth...would this be a big problem when it comes time to stringing? Thanks for the responses in advance.
  2. hummer23

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    Nov 8, 2004
    are you looking fora crank machine? is so prince neos is a great buy and very solid machine, easy to use, i can say from experience. if you are looking electric, then there are many choices, go for one thats got a marernts of 3-5 years on the electric parts and motor, many of the worse quality machiens have 1 year warrenty on those parts, and that may not be suffient. you havea lot of poptions in that price range, and maybe try a crank machine for 600$ and get a wise tension head, ive heard good thigns about that combo here on the boards.

    as to your frame question, it depends on what kind of damage, if it is all the way through the plastic, it can shift during stringing, so its wise to get another grommet set, but if it is minor, then dotn wrory about it.
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    Feb 21, 2004
    Billings, MT
    The Alpha Apex would be another option at that price point. I'm sure Gaines will chime in shortly. I personally prefer to use a 6pt mounting system for frames like the Pure Drive. The Babolat rep also suggests using 6pt systems as well. Not saying that 2 pt is bad but given the option, i'll take 6. Most machines seem pretty similar, so I would go with someone with good after sale service.
  4. Gaines Hillix

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    Feb 11, 2004
    Ditto on the APEX. It has a frame mount like no other except on the high end Babolat machines. You also might want to consider the BLU DC. ALso, be sure to consider any tool and string package that you get with the machine. You'll need both to get started. Contact Mark Gonzalez,, if you have any questions about the Alpha machines. Tell him I said hello.
  5. Ballmachine

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    Feb 20, 2004
    I would check out the Silent Partner Maestro. I just bought one, and I am very pleased.

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