Stringing machines below $900 (Penta 3600 with Wise or Gamma/Alpha with crank?)

I used to string with the cheap Klipmate and I had a pretty bad experience with it as I hated trying to balance the weight and would waste a lot of time. Also, I think I must have some attention deficit but I liked to string while watching tv so I would feel less miserable doing it. I feel like it was hard to watch tv if I had to pay attention if the drop weight is horizontal or not.
That being said, it's been over 6 years since I strung any racquet and I want to get back to it now that I have a little more place in my apartment. I'm debating between a decent machine with a crank or one of those cheaper European brand with the wise. I have some questions that I didn't find anywhere on the forum:

- I don't want my girlfriend to yell at me because the machine is impossible to put away. If I buy a machine with a stand, does it make it difficult to take it apart and reassemble when I need it?
- If yes, I think I would put on a table or a desk but then would a crank make it a little unstable if the table is not super sturdy? This is the reason I'm thinking of getting a machine with the wise as it looks like I wouldn't shake the apartment or need to get stand with it.

- I've seen many criticizing the base clamp of the Penta 3600. Honestly, it looks so much better than what I had with the Klippermate. I read that the base clamp doesn't release when you release the fixed clamp. Is it that much of a bother? Would any of the Pro's Pro be better than the Penta 3600? Also, what's up with the dents on the string? I play with fully poly (Hyper G) but I plan on trying to play with some hybrid set ups (not sure if I'll hybrid different polys or try with synthetic gut but that's why I want my own machine to try).
- The Alpha looks to be great quality for the price but looks heavy. It also looks like the same machine that was sold 15 years ago. Anything that other brands has done better more recently that I should pay attention to? Like better release system, lighter build etc...

- I'm actually not in a rush to get a machine. I'm in the Northeast so tennis season is kind of gone. Is there a time in the year when machines get cheaper? Any refurbished that any of the big brands sell at some point on **** for example? I ask that because I bought a ball machine from Silent Partner for a great deal directly from them on **** before after reading here they would have deals like that once in awhile.


- It's mainly for myself and maybe I'll string for a few friends if it's not a pain. I've seen videos of people stringing with the wise and it seemed so easy and I'm a little of a geek so anything electronic kinda attracts me.

Thank you in advance for any advice!


Pro Stringer Platinum with the new Claws sounds perfect for you. Set it up in front of the TV when you need to string. Then put it away to keep the GF happy.


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I use the Penta with wise head, did almost 300 rackets this year, so far so good! My previous machine was a drop weight pros pro machine challenger x, the clamps were dog **** if i had to compare to penta premium, also the pros pro base clamp started having problems after 100 rackets, had to use allan key to adjust every 10 rackets, then every 5 rackets, then mid way through 1 racket! until a point it was worn out and totally useless. I sold off the machine for dirt cheap cuz i already paid it off plus huge profits, kept the pros pro clamps as backup. moral of the story get the penta one, built quality is great, just the knobs annoyingly close together but other than that its a solid machine made in Taiwan. As a chinese, I hate to say it but Taiwan does make better quality products more often.