Stringing machines in the UK - who, what?

Dim Sim

I’d like to get one. A crank rather than drop weight, with the option to put an electronic tensioner on it later on maybe. Tabletop and stowable. Such as Gamma Progression ST II. Why? Because it costs £15 per racket otherwise and I’m ok with amortising it over a few years; and, I’m at the early stage of working out what strings and tensions I like and the freedom to change at will is appealing.

It’s proving fairly difficult to find retailers on l’internet in the UK (maybe because they don’t spend money on googleads? Dunno).

The questions: where to buy? And, what to buy? Importing’s not an option with the brexit pound (cause I’d get smashed on VAT and duties). From TTW archives: top spin tennis and apollo leisure. Any others? Is Gefen legit? My preference is to pay a bit more to get more in ease of use, value and reliability.

Any advice very welcome. Ta muchly.


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Welcome fellow UK-lander

If you want cheap, look for a racquet depot.
If you want a quality machine, and quality support contact Apollo Leisure who sell Gamma, Head, Dunlop, Babolat, and sometimes used machines
if you want a Wilson, or Prince search for Framework
Still looking for cheap, try the e auction site; but buyer beware
Gefen is legit, not sure what he sells nowadays.

Def recommend a Progression ST II for value & quality; and Apollo will look after you with great support.



Dim Sim

Thanks both. Much appreciated. It’s one of those areas of retail where I expected the UK market to have good availability of retailers and stock but it’s proving not to be the case, fishing tackle is another (compared to Australia and the US at any rate).