stringing mains and crosses at different tensions on RDX 500


what are users' thoughts on this? a lot seem to think it works well. others seem to think it's a bad idea for one reason or another...

i ask because i've just acquired one and have it strung at 60 lbs (mains & crosses) and it feels really good. i find though, that if i'm a bit off centre on the crosses, it's not very forgiving. i'm wondering if slightly looser crosses might help..?? to me, it seems logical to string the crosses at a lower tension since they are considerably shorter however this may be a flawed theory..


Yonex used to recommend a 5% decrease on crosses on nearly all sticks in their line. Recently this recommendation has not been issued, but I still string all Yonnies with crosses 5% less unless otherwise requested.


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If you take two strings of different lengths and tighten them up to the same tension, the shorter one will feel stiffer. Some say (including Yonex) it's a good idea to string crosses at a couple of pounds less tension than mains, because crosses are shorter than mains. Nevertheless, if you string crosses and mains at the same tension, the crosses will still end up with a lower tension than the mains, due to the friction loss, when they are weaved through the mains. Due to this, some consider you should just go for the same tension on both... Don't give it too much thought, though...


I do this all the time on mine. I experimented a bit with it to see if I could tell the difference, and it really does help give more feel. I typically use 60/57 or 62/59 on mine depending how soft the string is. On polys I will typically lower the poly by 10%. So on the Yonex tough brid 125 I strung at 54/57. It works well that way since the poly main is so much stiffer than the multi cross.


cheers everyone. sounds like it's worth a try. i might go for a conservative 60/58 combo next restring...


I've noticed a difference between 60/58 and 60/57 in my RDX 500 Mid. The 60/58 is just a little crisper; the 60/57 a little smoother.

Bab nat gut 17 mains, Gosen JC 16 crosses, by the way. Very nice playing combo in the Mid.