Stringing racquetball racquets

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    I've been stringing tennis racquets for a while now and am comfortable with it.

    I've never done a racquetball racquet though. Recently, a friend asked me if I could string his. I told him I didn't know but I'd look into it.

    A couple questions:

    1. I use a Mutual Power Titan 7700 (upright, crank with swivel clamps). I am unaware of any special adapters that one can buy from MP specifically for racquetball and/or squash racquets (though I know that some other machines require such adapters). How can I tell if my machine will work for a racquetball racquet?

    2. Are there strings specifically for racquetball? Do they use typical nylon/synthetic gut?

    3. What major difference are there between strings tennis racquets and stringing racquetball racquets? Does one use the same sort of tie off knot?

    Any advice appreciated.
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    Racquetball frames are deff diff. some are WAY diff.
    You'll prolly need an adapter to get your load spreader @ the T to touch the frame.
    Next, the stringing instructions are light years apart. All the Rb frames I've done (bout 20) you string one side first, at like.....25 or 30 lbs.
    Most of the frames I've strung, you need to feed string through the handle.
    I've always used basic syn gut.
    PM me and I'll get you the pattern and instructions.

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