stringing wilson t2000 rackets

I got a question from a owner of a T2000 wanting to string it :

Just wondering if you knew any model names of stringing machines that could handle a T-2000, or even a general idea of what i would need. Did it have its own stringing machine?

Here is my response, please add more details :

The stringing machine needs to adjust for a smaller head rackets like the t2000. Many of the older machines had special adapters to hold the t2000 head so that it could be strung. Im not sure of all the machines made to accomadate these types of rackets but I know some other vintage stringer like Steve Huff will be able to answer this question. I do know that my vintage Seranno stringing machine has adapters. Personally, I find it too much trouble stringing those beasts and would just pay someone like Steve to do it. Watch this post in the next few days for additional posts of information.
I've strung them, once or twice, on an Ektelon H. I've strung since 1984, and they're the only ones I've seen and that doesn't make me sad.

A stringer of that era probably could bat them out, but when years go by without seeing one or if you've never seen one, it takes time because they are very different to string. I surcharged the customer just because of that.

The welds used to crack, so that's probably why there aren't many. That and the sweetspot was tiny ... a real credit to Jimmy Connor's eye hand coordination.

An approach to your customer might be to suggest purchasing a new racquet. Investing in a string job plus maybe a surcharge might be enough to sway the person.

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adapters were made for the machine to mount the tx000 racquets but there not really necessary if u mount the head slightly off center which poses no frame damage problem since the racquet head is perfectly circular.

the only prerequisite to stringing this racquet is u need fixed clamps, cuz floating clamps just wont work. the racquet comes out too loosely strung.

its not that hard to string but if u look at the wire grommets there not symmetrical on both sides of the head so u need to start stringing the racquet on the correct side .
Hi... I recently fell in love with a T2000, and made some inquiries around town. There is one stringer who claims to string these, but he asks between $50 and $60 to do the job. Is this a fair asking price?

P.S. sorry for resurrecting an old thread...