Stringing woes


So I was stringing my racquet today...
I got the synthetic mains in, and was putting gut in the crosses.
I got all the way to the end, was able to weave and tighten the last string, but I clipped it too close and gave my self only enough left over to try and tie it off, but not enough to make a knot.:mad: One more half inche and I'd have been fine.
I ended up backing off to the previous hole, and tying it off there.
Hey, it's gut!


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You might have been able to remove the gut crosses, do a good prestretch, and start over. When you start over, be careful to use only as much string as neccesary to make the first tie off. This, along with the prestretch, could have given you enough added length to tie off. The reason I suggest this is because I did it one time. I needed about a quarter/half inch to tie off.


An interesting idea. But I don't like installing string, then pulling it out after it's been tensioned.
In the end it didn't matter as the main string I was using was just too springy and I'll probably scrap the whole load and go in a different direction.