Stringing Wooden Racquets


Does anyone know of a place where you can get wooden racquets strung? Maybe a service where you send them in or something?

jim e

Any place that strings tennis racquets should be able to do the woodies. I am just getting back into stringing again, and in the late 60's-early 70's I did a great # of them, as that was the bulk of the frames, along with the T2000's. It is much easier to string a woodie, as there is not the great # of patterns.I used an old serrano foot operated drop weight back then(still have it), and with the newer machines now it should be a piece of cake.


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Would you still be able to mount them on a newer machine?
On some. The more the mounts can be adjusted the best you can well, mount them. :D Your two issues will be getting the center mounts to reach in close enough, as the face sizes were much smaller AND getting the side mounts to touch without running into each other first. The closer your mounts get, if you have center posts that move, the more likely the side 4-mounts will run into each other when you bring them in to tighten them.

If you have a two-piece machine, the only issue is getting the right adapter piece and being able to bring the posts in close enough.


It's not hard to string a wood frame, it's just tedious. The stringers then really earned their keep. But, frames didn't have to be restrung as often as they do now either.

Any pro shop that has a Neos can string it no problem.


Oh ok cool. I think I'll take mine to work tomorrow and see if I can do it. I string on an Alpha Orbitor.


what tension range would you string a woodie at? ive been thinking about stringing an old one i have laying around to see what it hit like, but i dont know what tension is safe for the racquet.