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Discussion in 'Strings' started by heycal, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. heycal

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    Jan 7, 2006
    If a racket loses tension after it's been played with for awhile, and if lower tensions equal more power, does that mean a racket gets more powerful as the strings age? Does a fresh string job give you less power than old strings?

    I'm sure I'm misunderstanding some aspect of all this... Anyone care to explain?
  2. ryohazuki222

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    May 2, 2006

    though strings also lose elasticity with age.... soo even though they're loweing in tension.... they die a little on the inside as well :)

    IN MOST CASES i'd agree that a fresh job gives you less power than old strings.... but the exception that i've experienced is that a fresh string job of cyberflash/gosenmicro is quite powerful... im not exactly sure what happens after that first day...
  3. elee3

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    Nov 9, 2005
    Southern Ca
    Depends on the strings. Two months ago I used Gosen micro 17 at 62lbs. It gained some power over time due to tension lost.

    Since then I've been using Gamma TNT2 16 cross with Gamma Zo Power 16L mains at 58lbs. After about two months playing it it lost a lot of tension but the poly mains stiffened up big time. So I ended up with a huge sweetspot that had a lot less power then before. I had to cut it out since the old poly mains were starting to feel pretty harsh. Restrung with same poly setup and after 3 hours of playing the strings so far, they feel miles softer and more powerful than the old polys.
  4. EliteNinja

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    Oct 2, 2005
    Definitely depends on what strings they are.
  5. SteveI

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    Feb 19, 2004

    You seem to get more power.. but really what you get is a lack of control due to a loss of tension. On the other hand the string can go dead and therfore you might need to swing faster to create the same pace. You may also have to put more spin on the ball to keep the ball in play. All and all when the strings lose tension or are used a certain # of hours, they do not help you hit a consistant ball. Time to re-string.

  6. shug

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    Sep 3, 2006

    When I'm playing on a regular basis (3 - 5 days a week) I string my racquets at 70 every week. If I don't (restring every week) my serve starts missing "badly" and my balls start leaving the court. When I move to a freshly strung racquet everything tightens back up like magic. I was using Head RIP TI Fiber 17.... then went to Head RIP Control 17 all strung at 70. So for me loss of tension equated/s to more power coupled with loss of control. Still trying to find a replacment for the discontinued Head RIP TI Fiber. Even though it lost it's tension in a week (or less)... it still gave me the playable control I was looking for.
  7. rod_b

    rod_b Rookie

    Sep 20, 2006
    If you string at a lower tension (low 50s), will your strings remain "fresher" longer?

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