Strings and tensions in MP Tour 5

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Zverev, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Zverev

    Zverev Professional

    Oct 13, 2004
    A couple of weeks ago I have strung MP Tour 5 with
    Prince Perfection Control in mains at 58 and
    Gosen OG Micro Super in the crosses at 56.

    Perfection Control moves around like I have never seen before.
    Yesterday I cut it out and strung with the following
    Pro Plasma in mains at 58
    Gosen OG Micro Super in the crosses at 58.

    Strings DO NOT move at all !!!!

    What surprised me is that amount of power the frame still has,
    it's manageable but still too much.
    I think this Gosen string, which I have used first time, has lots of power.

    I might try Pro Hurricane in a month time, not sure what to cross it with.
    I have PSGD, more Gosen Micro Super, X1 Biphase, Attraction Power, 880 Ti Soft, E-matrix in my stock. Any recomendation which one I should try with Pro Plasma or Pro Hurricane?

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