Strings for Pro Staff 95S (2015 - Black and Red version)



So I'm currently using a Prince Phantom 100 (with the O3 ports and all!). It's strung with Volkl Cyclone at the moment.

I had the chance to use my friend's old PS95s (2015) and fell in love with it, I think it's such an easy racquet to transition to after having played with the PP100. The problem was that the racquet was unused for a while and the strings were a year old which meant that they snapped within literally the first 5 minutes of rallying.

I was wondering since I now have an unstrung PS95s - which strings would work best in it such that it brings out the racquets assets (spin, comfort etc.) while maintaining or improving control without sacrificing on power, or hopefully with a boost in that department since the racquet is pretty underpowered.

I was thinking of the Volkl Psycho hybrid - wasn't sure which gauge or what tension though;
Or even a hybrid of Luxilon + a syn gut;
Or Wilson's Duo Hybrid Spin;
Or a full bed of Revolve;
Or Wilson's old: Rip Spin, or its old Spin Effect strings?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

BTW, if the PS95s does not have amplifeel tech, what're the black strips in the handle?

Cheers and thanks a ton and a half!