Strings for Yonex Vcore 97HD


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Hi guys
I’ve been stringing the Yonex VCore HD 97 18x20 with Hyper G at about 47-48 in the mains and ice code on the crosses. Feels somewhat plasticy and as the racquet is already quite soft it feels like there’s too much flex on the ball and the hit doesn’t feel solid. What would you recommend for strings for this racquet?


I have two 97HDs with different setups.

One is more for wet/cold/windy conditions; poly/poly hybrid - 17ga Tier One Black Knight mains, 18ga Kirschbaum Max Power Crosses at 49/46. (1.23 and 1.20, respectively.)

My other one has a gut/poly hybrid - Klip Legend 1.30 mains, Isospeed Rexxxer 1.25 crosses at 55/52. I prefer this when it’s warm out, but it still plays well overall. Well, both of them play well regardless of conditions.

I want to say gut/poly goes well with the 97HD as you specifically mentioned your current setup feels plasticky. But I suck when it comes to descriptors typically used re: strings.