Strings to use in low vs high powered racquets?

I currently own a Yonex Duel G 330 which I consider a high-powered racquet and a Babolat Pure Control Tour racquet which I would consider a low-powered racquet.

I am open to stringing suggestions for these two racquets. I currently have my Yonex on a hybrid setup (Volkl Psycho set) and my Babolat with a full bed of Cyclone. I am thinking that maybe I should do the opposite i.e. hybrid on the Babolat and have the Yonex with a full bed of poly?
If you are trying to compensate with string setup, then "why would you alternate between racquets that vary that much in specs" should be the real question here.
Why not? Do you know if my racquets are customised? No you dont.
Sounds like you're trying to get help and he is trying to help see if there's something else that you may be missing, and now you're just being a @#$&

You pointed it out yourself, you didn't provide enough information and still haven't. How do you expect to get help?
I like playing with PolyTour Fire full bed on my DuelG 330 at 65# with 10% prestretch after I added 18g of twist weight. Reason being that I was over powering the ball so much on 60#. On the bright side, I can still send hella fast aces with laser accuracy.
I gained loads more control and brought the ball in with more tension. I limited it to 65# for warranty reasons.

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