Stringway ML100


Does anyone have any experience with this machine?
I understand that it is easier to use in the sense that the bar doesn't have to be parallel to the ground? You pull it once to tension it and then clamp it.

Let me know your thoughts on this machine. Thanks


I currently have a ML100 with the T92 (single action) clamps. I absolutely LOVE this machine. For the money and quality of string jobs, you can't beat it. If you're not in the market for a "corporate" machine, then this is one of the best dropweights you can buy.

You're correct that tension mechanism doesn't require it to be parrallel and every pull will be consistent without you having to worry about the bar. The machine is small and fairly lightweight and it also breaks down very easily. You can easily take this with you when traveling if need be. Another nice thing about this machine is the break. It's locks in 12 positions and allows easy stringing of Prince O port rackets.

There is one down fall that some may or may not care about and that is that it doesn't have 360 degree rotation. I don't mind it, but some do. I feel that once you get used to the machine you develop ways to work efficiently without the 360 rotation.

If you're going to order one, I would recommend buying the additional stand so you can use it as an upright when at home and table top when traveling.

Mark at Alpha is awesome to work with and will help you out with your purchase.


is there anyway I can ask you some questions about your machine? i don't want to hijack the thread which is why I thought I would email you, but that didn't work, so maybe you can message me. thanks.


Thanks Darkhorse.

It sounds like a good machine. I use prince ozone tour so a good brake is important. I guess if it doesn't rotate like you said get used to stringing and if you have a stand you can always walk around easily.

I was also looking at the SP Jazz. Both have pros and cons.

mad dog1

Both have pros and cons.
in all the stringers i've owned or used so far, i've found that there is no perfect machine. they all have their own pros and cons. it's just a matter of deciding what's important to you.

having strung a couple of racquets on a stringway m200dx, here are the pros & cons i found.


  • constant pull - this one is a HUGE pro making it super easy to getting consistent stringing results
  • racquet mounting - 5 point inside mount provides good racquet support
  • easy to transport
  • simple design - very little to go wrong or break


  • lack of 360 rotation
  • turntable has a slight wobble since it's not bearing mounted
  • turntable has some flex when pulling tension
  • t92 single action clamps have some drawback when tension is released (more than the prince neos 1000 and gamma 6004 clamps)
  • absence of thumb screw knobs to adjust clamps; need to be adjusted w/ allen key.
  • racquet mounting - 4 j clamps used to secure the frame can get in the way when clamping off strings; the j frame clamps interfere with the ability for the string clamp to grip the string deeper within the string clamp; greater risk of string slipping when clamping at the location of the j frame clamps
  • main strings rub up against the frame of the racquet at the throat on the first 6 or 8 mains due to the pulling angle because the tension head is level w/ the stringing holes; even w/ the additional friction on the first 6 or 8 mains (3 or 4 left and right sides) the stringing job came out very consistent which illustrates the advantage of constant pull outweigh any loss of tension due to string friction resulting from rubbing against the frame or gromet.
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