student tennis exchange or trip to your club?


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Hi there,

I am a member from a student tennis club in the Netherlands and looking forward to do an exchange with another (student) tennis club in another country during the summer.
We organize every year an open student tournament with a lot of 'student' activities and I am wondering if other European countries have the same. Then we could come with a group to your tennis club and compete and party and if you want we would also like you to come to the Netherlands to enjoy and compete during our tournament.

Hopefully anyone knows where to start.



Are you a university team or club team, what standard would your team be at? Presume your team would be young as you mentioned you are a student right?


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Hey Coolio, we are not a university team or anything professional in tennis. We play at a student tennis club which is all about playing tennis at your own level and having as much fun as possible together while doing that.
We have this open tournament where every player or couple can compete in his own level from beginners to advanced players.
For this club I wanted to organize a tennistrip abroad to a similar student/party tournament with a random selection of the club. Whoever wants to join can join and then everyone competes in the tournament abroad at his own level.
Optional would it be fun to make it into an exchange by returning to our town Groningen in the Netherlands to have fun playing tennis in the Netherlands as well.