sudden tw nike apparel previous season price drop


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spring 06 prices dropped!

i ordered a federer hero shirt of the previous season on tw, for $ its $15 right after the us open is over

i feel ripped...but cant really do anything about it now...i've worn it twice and washed it too

those nike 11 inch conquer shorts hit near rock bottom now..from $45 to $25

knowing its spring 2006, to me its not that bad...i recently bought the nike shorts worn by nike sponsored players at last yr's masters the ones federer wore...from ********* for $20 each


I'm pretty sure they've been those prices for a while now... Unless they dropped another 5 dollars or so. I don't remember what the prices were a few days ago, but I know that those things were already lower than original price.


they've been those prices for a while, i was just looking at some of the stuff earlier this week.