Sunshine Story

What would it be like to have real Sunlight inside instead of what we have now ( costly electrically generated light)
Would you like it?
. .If a guy named bryanbryan or scotscot shoved a solar-powered flashlight up 'where the sun don't shine' .....
. .Would you like it?

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I've already voted. Natural light would be nice. My house is set up to allow a large amount of natural light in. Few to no artificial lights are needed when the sun is up. Basically, the north wall is about half sliding windows, and other walls have many windows.

John Ott's videos and books on the light spectrum is fascinating I thought. Ott was famous for his videos demonstrating the effects different spectrum of light can have on the health of plants and animals. Some light colors can wake a person up such as blue light, others can make a person moody such as pink light, some lights can help prevention infections black lights, some plants need different spectrum of lights to bloom, some common artificial lights determined the sex of animals whether male or female, etc.

Exploring The Spectrum -Dr. John Ott documentary on the health effects of light



Once travel restrictions are lifted you can look at areas around the world that has more sunlight to start with. Perth in Australia has the most sunshine in Australia than all the other cities. Adelaide being the driest has the least rainy days. Both places have Mediterranean climates. Melbourne on the other hand has the least sunshine.
If you spend lots of time outside playing tennis here you will probably appreciate when the sun goes down and you draw the curtains and get some quality sleep.
The other thing here is you buy a house that faces north so your outdoor living areas get sun all year round, morning and afternoon. We have decks and sunrooms and in Queensland they have Queenslanders ( a verandah with fly screens added so you can relax without being attacked by the flies and mozzies,
With architecture you include lots of large glass areas, hopefully with some sea views and Chris you can install your solar panels and batteries so your air conditioning prices come down.
Alternatively you could live off the grid and build a place out if natural and recycled materials:


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Maybe.. These 2 options seem a bit dated. Got any newer better suggestions?
solar panels + batt(storage of 'sunshine').............all abt conversion rate n moving in right direction yr by yr. 90% won't be too far away thanks to japanese n chinese:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D..........................
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What would it be like to have real Sunlight inside instead of what we have now ( costly electrically generated light)
Would you like it?
It feels warm, especially if you don't have cold wind blowing in. Great for winter. My kitchen + dining area has almost all glass on the sunny side of the wall and the sunlight would come in in the morning. It feels nice and warm in the morning.
Sunlight with all its benefits inside a building is now possible provided its daytime, naturally. Sounds like a winner to me.
More health benefits and lower energy bills
A company apparently has gone public which uses sun collectors on house roofs that then connect to fiber optics to lead sunlight into buildings.
In Minnesota.


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Imagine on a sunny but cold winters day having the suns rays inside your crib.
also ya can imagine 'on a cloudy n cold winters day having the sunshine inside your crib'...........'sunshine storage':?)) lolololololol:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D.........................

where's @sureshs:?)) he'll sureshsly bring some sunshine to us:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:.......................
It sounds quite sci-fi but its now possible to collect sunlight on the roofs of buildings and lead it into the rooms and spaces inside.
Saving on the electric bill in the daytime plus getting some healthy uv light....