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    Apr 9, 2004
    Every time I start running for a week-10 days I start to get shin splints and Im getting frustrated with that. I was wondering how good of a workout swimming is compared to running? I want to lose some fat and everyone on here seems to say that running is the key to fat loss. Will I burn alot of fat by a good, hard swim?
  2. Bodacious DVT

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    Jan 10, 2007
    swimming is far better for you!

    you will lose more fat swimming than you will running. not only does swimming use every muscle group in your body (think toned muscles), it also provides negative resistance. Your body will need to work twice as hard to overcome the resistance, but you wont feel it very much thanks to the boyancy! swimming is an excellent choice for cross-training. definitely give it a try!
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    Sep 18, 2006
    Pffft, like I'd know

    Seriously? I have terrible knees (I've been skiing since I was 6 or 7, my knees are very, very, bad), so that would be fantastic for me? Are you sure I could do that instead of running? :?
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    IF, and that's a big IF, you can swim at highly aerobic paces, such as holding 100's on 1:10, then, yes, swimming can help you lose weight. However, the cool water tends to impede fat loss in all swimmers, though it is much more marked in recreational swimmers, such as you would be. Also, swimmers tend to get post-swim carb lust.

    If you go to a Master's swim club and remove the folks in lanes one and two, and all the runners and triathletes, you will be left with a mostly rotund bunch of recreational swimmers, often female in gender.

    So, I'd suggest one of the following instead:

    1. Rowing-A highly aerobically demanding sport that will train both large muscle groups fairly well.
    2. Cycling-One hour of cycling is worth about 20 minutes or so of running (very roughly).
    3. Stair steppers or similar at the health club.
    4. LIFT WEIGHTS! THE BEST way to lose fat. After running you might burn fat for 2-4 hours max. After lifting it is more like 24 hours of extra fat burning.

    You are probably getting shin splints because you are untrained, overweight, and running too much. Don't run until your shin splints heal and you lose ten pounds. Then start back.

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    May 31, 2006
    Not true. Swimming is *different* for you, not necessarily better or worse.

    Rarely, if ever true. Read Chess9's post for a full coverage of this.

    Tone is simply a magic word invented by the fitness industry to mean visible muscle definition, which translates to people being of low bodyfat.

    Yes the body has to work through the resistance, by the flipside of the buoyancy is that it supports your weight and makes the exercise easier. The more fat someone is, the more they'll float!

    Couldn't agree more, but for weight loss for the normal person, there's many things I'd recommend first, including walking, running, weights, gym classes, energetic singles tennis, etc etc.

    Oh - and focus on your diet. Studies have attributed more than 50% of the weight loss equation (eat better and less, move more) to the eating side....
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    never mind, apologies
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