Swing Speed Radar, ball velocity?

Hey Guys,

Curious to see or hear what you think about this. I read something recently about a Swing Speed radar that's out on the market. They market this by saying you can easily equate ball velocity based on the swing speed of the racquet.

I have always thought that tennis is still in the dark ages when it comes to engineering and the benefits that golf and its retail has placed on customizations and equating speeds and angles of clubs.

Anyhow, my question is: aren't there other factors that would determine ball velocity as well other than swing speed, i.e., racquet stiffness, static weight, string and tension, etc?

Would love to hear some thoughts?


Bionic Poster
They all do.
And don't forget the player's willingness to swing fast on his serves, the player's mishits when he goes for big serves, the court temps, balls used, humidity, air pressure, the amount of practice the player chooses for fast serves, and tons of other factors.

If one were to use this tool as a factor for determining optimal racquet performance, do you think it would need to be cross-referenced to an actual shot speed as well.

Meaning, 50mph swing speed with racquet x produces y mph ball speed?

Think that could be useful as a tennis retailer even?


Bionic Poster
Still too many variables.
A strong player swinging hard will not have the same ratio as a weak hitter swinging slowly.
Too many variables in string and tension.
And the real difference is muted by spin.
Great for you scientific types, but keep it in the scientific records. It has little business on the tennis court.
Just my opinion of course, my g'f would argue my remarks, as she is in charge of your health thru the USDA.