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    Oct 12, 2009
    It seems that too many children play with a racquet that is either too heavy or too light for their age, type of play or stature.
    Therefore I am working on a Swing-weight-Advise- system that advises the right SW based on age, stature and forehand preparation. (The shorter the “preparation time” the more force is needed to swing the racquet around.)
    The Excel sheet does 3 things:
    1. It advises for a certain player.
    2. It calculates the SW of a racquet, when head- and throat- weight are entered. (Only have to weigh the weight at both ends of the racquet)
    3. When the SW is too low it calculates how much weight should be added at a certain position.

    As a reference for the actual values I am looking for a classification of racquets based on SW.
    - Are there any tables where the SW’s are shown for different type of players?
    - Is there a table with SW for Children of different age (and stature)?
    - Does any racquet manufacturer classify his racquets based on Swing weight?

    Thanks for any advise.

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